Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In Which Meems Breaks Her Hip

The home phone jolted me awake at 11:30 last night.  Caller ID:  Wilshire Place.  That's where Meems lives.  They've been calling often lately.  "Your mom slipped out of bed, but she's fine."  This time the news was more complicated.  Mom fell and was in pain.  Her leg was twisted at a weird angle.  Ugh.

The night staff put Mom on the phone.  Quietly and calmly she murmured, "I think I broke something."   Indeed, she did.  According to her PCP, "She broke the hell out of her hip."  

The surgery didn't last long, and the surgeon said that they were able to get plenty of rods and pins in there to keep her together.  Her femur is now fortified with a metal rod.  A long metal rod.  The recovery will be long and painful.  

She's really groggy this evening.  However, she ate a big supper.  "Did I miss breakfast and lunch?"  Yup.  You did.

Before they took her to the surgical floor, she slowly opened her eyes and asked me what she should wear to surgery.  I told her that the lovely green dress she was wearing would be just fine.  When the guys came to transport her, she asked them if she would have to walk to the OR.

This evening as she was becoming more aware, she looked at me and said, "We got a good nap, didn't we?"

Thank you, God, for little bits of humor during this long day.  You know how humor centers and comforts me.  You know the way to my heart.  Amen.


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