Monday, February 10, 2014

Car Talk: A+ for Cindee

I pick up Meems and Leonard for church on Sundays.  Without fail, Meems calls me at around 8:00 on Saturday night and asks without so much as a howdy-do, "I guess you're going to pick us up for church in the morning?"  "Yep."  "What time?"  "The usual."  "A little bit after 10?"  "10:05-ish."  "At my patio?"  [Heaven forbid that she would have to walk all the way to Raider Ranch's front door.] "Yep.  At your patio."  "Bye bye."  "Bye, Mom."

As he gets into the car, the first question Leonard asks without fail is "Where's Alan?"  "He's at church."  "Oh.  He's already there."  [pause]  "Is he leading today?"  "Yep.  He's leading today."  "That's what I thought."  (Alan is one of the worship hosts at our church's "groovy" service.)

Last Sunday after Leonard learned of Alan's whereabouts, Meems told me about her dream.  

Meems:  I dreamed that I evaluated Cindee Millard last night, and she didn't like my evaluation.

[Cindee is a dear, dear sisterfriend of mine.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out why Meems would think - or dream - about evaluating her.]

Me:  Why were you evaluating Cindee?

Meems:  I can't remember.  I just remember that she didn't like my evaluation.

Me:  Hmm.  You just evaluated her.  Well, my goodness.

Meems:  I do remember that I gave her an A+ for what she was wearing.

Leonard:  She should have been happy about that because A+ is as high as you can get.

Me:  Yeah, Mom.  A+ is as high as you can get.

Meems:  Her clothes were cute.  I can't remember what it was that I scored her low on.

Leonard:  Is Vladamir Putin married?

Oh, my.  Our Sunday morning drives to church.  Me, Miss Daisy and Hoke.

For the record:  Cindee, I give you A+++ in ALL categories - especially in haute couture.


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