Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Special Surprise

The title of this post pays homage to the third grade Dick and Jane readers of yesteryear and my beloved teacher, Lois Deloney.  You may remember that I wrote about her a couple of years ago:  I Love Lois Deloney.  Shortly after posting it, I received an email from her grandson telling me that Mrs. Deloney had passed away a few days before.  He asked me if he could share a bit of my post in his eulogy at her funeral.  I was more than honored.

Today the doorbell rang.  I looked up from my sink of dirty dishes just in time to see the UPS man run the 10 yard dash back to his truck.  I strolled to the front door to see what he had dropped on my doorstep.  When I saw the return address on the padded envelope, my jaw dropped.

I bolted to the kitchen and tore into the envelope.  In it was a little box.  Without looking, I knew what was in it.  I began to cry.  Then, I read the enclosed note.  I cried even harder.

Savoring the moment, I slowly opened the box with tears streaming down my cheeks.  And, there it was.  Straight from Room 15 at Libby Elementary.  Straight from the sweater hanging from her sweet shoulders.  One of Mrs. Deloney's Christmas tree pins.

A treasure of all treasures.  It will sit in a place of honor in the midst of my collection of Christmas tree pins.  Forever in it's special box.

Daryl Deloney, I can't imagine that any gift I receive this Christmas will be as special to me as this one.  Heartfelt thanks to you!

Now, I must go back to the dirty dishes.  Company's a-comin'! Jonathan and Bryce fly in from Chicago in an hour.  The tears of joy will continue to flow.

Merry Christmas, my friends!

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