Thursday, December 15, 2011

Was She or Wasn't She?

This has been the longest lapse I've had in blogging....ever!  A friend actually called to check on me.  I know how she feels because if I don't get a Christmas card from someone who ALWAYS sends Christmas cards, I assume that some sort of family disaster has prevented the traditional holiday cheer mail out.

So, for all you mother hens who may have been worried about me...
  • this very day, my beloved and I are celebrating 32 years of amazing marriage
  • Bryce and Reed are coming home tomorrow from Baylor
  • Jonathan will fly in from Chicago on Christmas Eve
  • we are all happy and healthy
There now.  Feel better?  Me, too.

Now, to answer the bigger question.  Was I WARBT? depends on what your definition of "is" is.  I was 82-87ish% WARBT.  I'm still working on wrapping since Amazon keeps placing packages on my porch every day.  And, I'm still picking up little things here and there as mothers tend to do.

Here is what I've been busy with and lovin' every minute...
Decorating Garlands

Decorating the Tree
We've been collecting Santa ornaments for 32 year during our travels
...and on sale at Hobby Lobby...
Displaying my Christmas Collections

Oops!  Look at the time!  I've got some errands to do!!!  More to come!


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