Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clever-Funny-Witty Pinterest Board Names

Every now and then, I take a little peeky-poo at my blog's "traffic sources."  One category is "Search Keywords" - which is kind of a hoot.  The number one search phrase that brings innocent bystanders to my blog is "clever pinterest board names."  This little google leads to my 08-11-11 post, "Do Not Stumble Upon Pinterest."  Which, with 1096 pageviews, is my most popular post.

I always feel a tinge of guilt when I see those numbers rise.  It means that some poor, unsuspecting googlers happened by my blog in earnest need of help on setting up clever (or "funny" or "witty") pinboard names.  So, this morning, I woke up with guilt-driven determination to make up for all the disappointment felt by my "misguided" readers.

Clever-Funny-Witty Pinterest Board Names

With the meteoric rise of the popularity of Pinterest has come a new sort of peer pressure.  The naming of the pinboards.  It's kind of simular to the need most people feel to post extremely clever quips on facebook - but with an artsy twist.  Don't ask me why, but the naming of the pinboard is almost more important than the pins that are placed upon it.  Each time I've added a pinboard, I've found myself racking my brain in search some profound moniker that can sum up the collection of, say, pictures of monkeys that I intend to amass for the sake of loving monkeys.  

                  No.  monkeyshines.  The lowercase "m" seems to   
                  be more powerful.
Monkey Business?
                  No.  People might take it the wrong way.
Monkey Madness or monkey madness?
                  Hmm.  not so much.

Then I find myself googling "monkey terms."

Pretty Cute Primates...pretty cute primates?
furry friends?
                  No, that could refer to cats, dogs, mice, or lions
                  leading to massive pinning confusion.

I think that you get my drift.  Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  If you googled the ever-popular "pinterest board name" phrase, that is exactly why you're here.  If you are here searching for pinboard names to promote your business, you need to go here instead.

A great way to come up with a great board name is by checking out the names of other pinners' boards.  If you are a card-carrying foodie and want to start pinning pictures of homemade ravioli, simply click on the word "Pinterest" at the top of your page.

This will take you to the "newsfeed" of all of the pinners you are following.  Click on "category" at the top of the page and click on "Food & Drink" on the pull down menu.

Which will deliver you to this page:

At the bottom of each pin by the picture of the person, the name of the pinner's pinboard is listed.  For instance, the amazing Chocolate Cover Pumpkin Pretzels is pinned onto a board titled "Food!"  Scroll down the page and find a pinboard title that sings to you.  Keep in mind that it's very helpful to make your board's title as specific as possible.  I need to separate out my food pins into categories that indicate whether the food is savory, sweet, totally fattening but worth it, or mean and lean.

Scrolling down the Food & Drink page, I'm lovin' on boards like "Dinner Time" and "Insatiably Decadent."  Those are board names that I tend to click on to see what's up with that.  If you don't want to copy someone else's board name - which is completely OK - look up the words of the title in your thesaurus and come up with another version.

There is a particular pinner who has inspired me greatly - Linda James.  I was introduced to her pins by a dear friend and her extremely cool & hip daughters who both aspire to "BE Linda James."  Linda's board names are simple and chic.  Her pins are Ah-mazing.  I repin her ideas like a stalker.  On the rare occasion that she repins my pins, I feel extremely validated as a human being/pinner.  Oh, yeah!  That's me!  I'm cool and hip!

Thank you, Linda James.

One of my all-time favorite board names comes from one of the aforementioned friend's cool and hip daughters.  It's titled "Future Mr. DEF."  (The title has her full name.  I just went with her monogram...)  This board contains pictures of guys who look like the man she someday hopes to marry.  I get a huge kick out of seeing her McDreamies and reading some the quotes.  "I liked his monogram, so I gave him a chance."

It's time for me to get out of this bathrobe, shower, and enter the world outside.  So, I'll sum up my clever-funny-witty pinterest board names advice:
  • Fall down the rabbit hole of whatever topic you want to begin collecting by clicking on that category - food, fashion, geek, tatoos - and find board names that are interesting.  Click on them - then click on the fun board names you find on the pins listed on that board.
  • Make your board names very specific so that you can remember what goes where.  ("Try This" could refer to food, crafts, or weird yoga poses.)
  • Don't fret so much about rocking the pin world with your clever board names, you can always change your "Food" board to "Nom Noms" when you get your groove on.
  • Remember to clean up your boards every now and then - sometimes I accidentally pin something like a picture of weird red shoes to my "aqualicious" board.  Also, it's a good time to subdivide boards into more concise categories.  (I need to go back and make sure that all of my board names are typed in the all-powerful lower case!)
Happy pinning!  Feel free to "Follow Me" for hours upon end!  


Jeff said...

The most common search term that brings people to our blog? "mafia don"

Go figure!

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What kind of blog are you are you runnin'?!

Carolyn Lackey said...

Did I just say "are you are YOU?!!"
I guess so guess so...

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