Friday, December 17, 2010

A Sort of Festivus Mockumentary

Two-thirds of our sons are home for Christmas.  Jonathan flies in on Saturday.  Bryce and Reed drove in from Waco last night.  As I blog this, they are slumbering in their cozy beds.  With bacon and eggs to fry up and piles of laundry to delouse, I haven't much time to spend with you this beautiful December 17th.  So, I leave you with some educational information...  Have a spectacular Friday!  And, Happy Festivus!

PS.  If you are perusing this blog while you're supposed to be working at your "job-job," you might want to turn the sound down on your computer and have some paperwork stacked around on your desk so that you can look busy when your co-workers stroll past.  Oh, and you might want to wrinkle your eyebrows, tilt your head just a bit to the right, and kind of squint your eyes when you hear someone coming.  It will give you the appearance of being not only deeply intellectual but also totally enmeshed in some job-related task.  Heaven forbid they would discover that you spend precious company time blog-surfing on the job.

Alan and I are huge fans of Seinfeld.  The sitcom used to come on at 10:00, the Universal Banker's Bedtime, on Fox each weeknight, then, it moved to 10:30 - a wee bit late for Alan, the early riser.  Now, the television moguls have gone and moved it to 11:00PM Central Standard Time.  Thank goodness that  we have the boxed set of every Seinfeld episode ever taped.  We never tire of watching the familiar shows over and over and over.  We love to be lulled to sleep every night with Seinfeld glowing in the dark of our bedroom.  The voices of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer are like those of old, familiar friends.  Every fall as the holidays grow nigh, we begin quoting the Festivus episode.  We've even talked about putting up a Festivus pole to mark the auspicious holiday.

I've done a bit of research on Festivus traditions.  Below you will find some informational videos which explain the finer points of enjoying a halfway decent Festivus.

A Festivus Overview

(For your convenience...)

The Festivus Pole

The Airing of Grievances

Feats of Strength

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