Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PV by OS...Interesting.

Pageviews by Operating Systems
3,934 (63%)
1,099 (17%)
976 (15%)
126 (2%)
45 (<1%)
Other Unix
26 (<1%)
19 (<1%)
6 (<1%)
2 (<1%)
2 (<1%)

I was just taking a look at my blog stats.  I had some thoughts.
  1. Blogspot can tell what kind of computer you're using when you come here?  Really?  Does a computer leave some sort of footprint or something?
  2. It makes me want to ask my computer out loud, "What am I thinking now?!"
  3. The majority of my viewers are "PCs" which reminds me of those Apple VS PC commercials but with empty nester moms representing PC and their children representing Macs.  
  4. According to the Apple commercials, Mac people are people like my sons.  That explains why I have very view Mac pageviews. 
  5. A whopping 2% of my pageviews come from iPad users - the coolest of the cool people - which means that well...the other 98% are either visiting cooler blogs or playing Angry Birds.
  6. I don't know what Linux is.
  7. Less than 1% of the page viewers are Palm people.  Which reminds me of the first time I ever saw a Palm Pilot-type device.  While I was flipping through my calendar to write down a meeting time, the user (I'll just call him Jeff Baker) was scribbling away on the screen with a stylus.  I watched as the PP then add the event to his calendar.  With my chin on the ground, I may have said something like "Gah-uh-ALL-lee, how does it DO that!?"
  8. I immediately ran out and bought a PP for Alan's birthday.  He never could figure out how to use it.  Not figuring out how to use electronic-devices-that-can-save-you-time has become a pattern of his.  That's the way I inherit some pretty cool stuff.
  9. I have very fond feelings for Windows users.  They are very loyal people.

It might interest you to know that...I'm a Mac. My oldest son, Jonathan, told me about 7493 times that a Mac was way easier to use than a PC and was NEVER EVER tormented by pop-ups or viruses.  When I finally decided to switch to a Mac, I felt like I was leaping into a deep, dark, bottomless abyss.  But, he was right.  Once I figured out that the little stamp icon, "Hello from Cupertino, CA," was for email and the compass icon was for the internet, life got a whole lot better.  Who's that cool middle aged la-dy?!  It's me!  It's me!


Grumpy Old Ken said...

All totally mindbending. Me, I've just mastered the light swich! Good luck.

Carolyn Lackey said...

I know how you feel, Ken! The stats numbers never seem to add up or make sense...


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