Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Sweet Saturday

Although I do not work outside the home, I am quite busy every day taking care of the household, volunteering, and being a good wife-mother-daughter-friend.  I cherish Saturday and Sunday.  I consider them to be my "days off."  As I've mentioned before, Alan makes his timed Saturday Lists.  He wastes not a minute even on sweet, sweet Saturday.  About an hour ago, he came into our room where I was camped out on a cozy chair putting my makeup on while watching A Woman Scorned:  The Betty Broderick Story on Lifetime, Television for Women.  "What is on your list today," he asked me knowing that Saturday lists do not exist on Planet Carolyn.  Stretching, I lazily replied, "Wellllll.  I think I'm going to go ahead and finish putting mascara on my lower lashes until the commercial break.  Then, I'm going to mozy into the bathroom to blow-dry my hair.  When the movie comes back on, I'm thinking I might make the bed."  "Wow.  You've got a busy day ahead," he teased as he marched out of the bedroom towards his beloved goals for the day.

My Beloved, Mr. Saturday List
Betty is now in prison for killing her husband and his new bride.  I knew that she would be.  I've seen A Woman Scorned:  The Betty Broderick Story before.  A couple of times.  [May I say that Meredith Baxter Birney does a lovely job of portraying the overweight, angry, vicious Betty Broderick?]  After I finished making the bed, I sat on it and googled Betty Broderick.  She was up for parole in 2010.  It was denied.  With a sigh of relief, I turned off the TV as the credits rolled.  Thankful to be A Woman Adored, I shuffled into the kitchen where Alan was camped at the kitchen table hovering over his Saturday List which was actually his Saturday-Sunday list.  It spanned 2 pages of notebook paper.  As I wandered around the kitchen randomly straightening this and that, he checked off a couple of items.  I considered telling him that I needed to add "put up the salt and pepper" and "fold and stack the newspaper" to my list.

What do I want to accomplish today?  Nothing.  It's a grey, overcast morning.  Thunder has rumbled, no, taunted in the sky a couple of times.  It won't rain.  Not today.  The much needed Spring moisture will hover overhead putting West Texans in the mood for cuddling up with a good book or napping in front of Lifetime, Television for Women movies.  But, it will not spill down to earth satisfying our longing for a snuggly rainy day.  And, yet.  I will do my part.  I have parked myself in front of my computer.  I have lolly-gagged on facebook clicking on pictures and watching funny youtube videos.  Now, I am partaking in my favorite pastime, blogging.

"My darling, let's skip Sunday
School AND church!  Let's just
cuddle up on the couch in our
 matching jammies, sip hot chocolate,
and read the funnies all day!"
As a girl, one of my favorite show tunes which I performed from time to time in the living room Miss Panola County Pageants with Kristi and Penny was from Flower Drum Song.  It had fun lyrics with a playful lilt that welcomed my coy facial expressions and dramatic gestures.  Singing in my warbling, operatic pageant voice I pranced up and down in front of the invisible audience on the couch.  "Sunday, SWEET Sunday!  With NOTHING to DOOOOOOOOO!  Lazy AND lovely!  My ONE day with YOOOOOOOOOU!"  I punctuated "YOOOOOOOOOU" with a broad sweep of my arm with upturned palm inviting the audience into my sleepy Sunday world with a wink.  It was a pageant trick of old.

The lyrics wound their way around my head like silky, pink smoke and snaked themselves back into my ears deep into the folds of my brain.  I daydreamed about the Sunday afternoons that my husband, Ricky Nelson, and I would spend cuddling on the couch of our Barbie Dream House.  It was during those Flower Drum Song days that I began to long for Sundays.  Sweet Sundays.  With nothing to do.

I hear the lawn mower cranking up.  It's the first mow of spring.  Time for me to curl up with a book from my new stack of must-reads, a cup of Earl Grey and, perhaps, a cat or two.  My beloved will scurry about the place repairing, sorting, weeding and edging.  Just a minute ago, he came in with the glass lantern from the table on our patio.  He is determined to dislodge last summer's candle which over the cold winter with all it's might adhered itself to the lantern's candle cup.  He asked me, "How should I get the candle out of there?"  My advice was to put the whole kit and caboodle in the freezer for a few minutes.  A few minutes later, he came to show me how he had unscrewed the metal cup from the lantern.   He's in the kitchen "talking" to it as I type.  "Are you blogging about me?!" he's asking.  Yes, Mr. Busy.  It's a lazy Saturday afternoon.  What in the world else would I have to do on a deliciously sweet Saturday afternoon?  You have the dreaded stuck candle under control.

Sunday (from Flower Drum Song)
Now that we're going to be married,
I keep imagining things,
Things that can happen to people,
When they are wearing gold rings:

Being together each morning,
Sharing our coffee and toast.
That's only one of the pictures.
Here's what I picture most.

Sunday, sweet Sunday,
With nothing to do,
Lazy and lovely,
My one day with you.

Hazy and happy, 
We'll drift through the day,
Dreaming the hours away.

While all the funny papers lie or fly around the place
I will try my kisses on your funny face.

Dozing, then waking, 
On Sunday you'll see... me!

Sunday, sweet Sunday,
On Sunday you'll see... me!


MOMMA BEAR & baby bear said...

i want to be you. always have, always will!

love you,


Carolyn Lackey said...

lulu, you are too kind.
Love you!!!


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