Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Love Him Real Bad

A couple of quick stories about my "baby."

He was my little buddy during the long days while "the brothers" were off playing with other kids at school.  Light-hearted.  Funny.  Always smiling.  Easy to be with.

One morning, he raced into the kitchen and informed me that I needed to come quickly.  

"My potty is bwoke!  Huwwy!  Come see!"

"What do you mean 'broke'?" I inquired.  Fixing broken potties was not my forte, to say the least.

"The water is weally high in it!  I keep flushin' and flushin', but it doesn't have the 'thrength' to take it all down!"


"The potty isn't stwong enough, Mom!  It can't take it all down!" he piped.

"Reed, go back in there, put the lid down on the potty, push the lock button on the door, and close it.  Daddy will take care of it when he gets home," I sighed silently cursing the wimpy toilet.


We had shared a busy morning running errands hither and yon.  At noon, we took a break to meet Alan downtown for lunch.  "Just me, Mom and Dad," Reed smiled.  

Driving away from Dad who was waving as he walked back into the bank, Reed grew very quiet.  I drove a few blocks and then looked over to see tears silently slithering down his little pink cheeks.

"Reedie, what's wrong?!"

Sniffing he replied, "I miss my Dad so much.  I love him weally bad, and I just like bein' with him."

My heart melted with love for my tender, sweet baby boy.  I love him really bad, too.


Barker Crew said...

I knew I had to read it when I read the title...Baize is in the 'weally bad' stage right now, too! :) Just yesterday he told me that he had to "hut (hook) dose sprinklers up to those tipes (pipes) weally bad". In other words, really tight. He also wuvs things really bad, too! Love this post!

Carolyn Lackey said...

Kristi, I loved your comment weally bad! Hope your babies had great BDs! Got pix?


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