Friday, February 17, 2012

No Twinterest for Me

I decided that I would look up other Carolyn Lackeys on pinterest and start following them.  I wanted to see what other Carolyn Lackeys were interested in.  I knew that they will all be cool and groovy.  What a kick it would be to see how simular or different we would be, me and my fellow Carolyn Lackeys!  Would we be twinterests?

So, I went to pinterest and typed in "C-a-r-o-l-y-n L-a-c-k-e-y" and clicked search.  It appears that I am the only Carolyn Lackey out of the bazillion pinners on the planet.  Such a let down.  I guess it's best this way.  I'm kind of competitive.  Right now I hold the title of "Coolest Carolyn Lackey on Pinterest."

I read that Martha Stewart was now pinning.  Can you even imagine being repinned by Martha!?  Talk about taste validation.  Unless, of course, she pinned it to a board titled "Dumbest Stuff Ever" or  "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!"  or simply "BAD things."  I searched for her and came up with 2 Martha Stewarts neither of which looked at all like her.

Last weekend, my friends Lindy and Violet told me that they are "stalking" a woman on pinterest.  This lady posts really amazing, and sometimes bizarre, stuff.  What did I do?  I went straight to pinterest, found her, and clicked "follow all."  Ba-ha-ha-ha!

Alan sent me a link to a Wall Street Journal article yesterday.  "In Wall Street.  Isn't this the site that you like?"  Yes, dear husband.  I am a pinner.  

I need to scoot!  My boards need tending.  My pins on "For the Love of Paisley" and "Products I Love" have disappeared.  I need to clean up some of my other boards and subdivide some onto more specific boards..."Kool Kitchens," "Color My World" (paint colors), "Cuddly Stuff."  Ahh.  The day is short, and the possibilities are endless!

PS.  To all of you who land on this blog by googling "clever pinterest board names," "clever names for pinterest boards," or "witty pinterest board names," I bid you welcome and happy witty and clever pinning!


Lori E said...

I only recently found Pinterest, and only because my MOM found it first and told me about it. My mom is most definitely NOT an avid computer user, but she really likes this site. Thanks Mom and thank YOU Carolyn for enlightening me! It really is fun!

Lisa said...

Teach me!


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