Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Carthage: Show and Tell

I spent many an hour up in my attic before the trip.  Searching.  Searching.  Searching.  Berating myself for throwing things randomly in attic boxes over the years in the name of "gittin' 'er dun."  There were high school football spirit ribbons tucked away with a doll here and a few Barbie outfits stashed with some random tea set dishes there.  Where, oh, where were my precious troll dolls?!  Bryce and Alan dragged box after box down the precarious attic pull-down stairs in the 100 degree heat.  Some of the boxes were falling apart, the old masking tape dried and flaky.  "Careful!  Hold them from the bottom!! That stuff is irreplaceable!!!"

Slowly, but surely, I began to unearth some treasures.  I squealed when my Campfire vest came tumbling out of a crush of keepsake childhood dresses hand-sewn by mother.  The felt symbols of my Campfire Indian name were still glued to the back.  Sunflower.  Yes, I was Sunflower.  Soon I was washing the hair of Barbies, Midges and Skippers with my this-is-my-special-shampoo-don't-even-ask-to-borrow-it Keihl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo.  Alan stood nearby with his mouth open wide in disbelief.  "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE USING YOUR GOOD SHAMPOO ON THOSE OLD DOLLS!"  I simply shot back a look that told him to slowly back away from the kitchen sink.

Once my Barbies and friends were laid carefully out to dry, I tediously hand-washed each and every outfit and put all of the pieces of the ensembles together.  My heart literally sang as I matched up shoes and bags and dresses.  Alan kept circling the area eyeing me with building concern.  "Why are you doing all of this?"  My dear, if you have to ask, it is quite clear that you have never been a little girl with Barbie dreams.

After much consideration, I finally packed up my favorite Barbie outfits - each in its own Ziplock baggie, my troll dolls, a few favorite Barbies, my Campfire vest, and my mother's old half-slip that once served as my bridal/nun's veil.

bridal veil - for marrying Paul McCartney
In this picture, he is looking at me.  Carolyn NMN Kinzbach.  I die.
from www.last.fm
nun's veil - for my role in the Sound of Music
"What will this daaaay be like?  I wonda.  What will my few-chu be?"
from homevideos.com

After much anticipation, we gathered in the family room of Penny's lake house after a wonderful lunch.  Our show and tell items were tucked from view in sacks and boxes.  Then, one by one, we shared our treasures and our sweet, sweet memories.  

Janie Bug and her amazing scrapbook
Kristi and her hot wheels
Penny and her mint condition troll dolls 
Me, Maria McCartney, and my most coveted Barbie treasures
Good times.


Lori D said...

OH,how you make me want to dig out my old Barbie and Skipper and their Barbie Fun House and wash the and all their little outfits!!! What fun hours my friends and I had making up all sorts of "Barbie" stories with them! Thanks for reminding me!!

Carolyn Lackey said...

Lori D, ask your mom if you can come over and play Barbies this afternoon. My mom said it's ok!


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