Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thankspinning!

As an alternative to the extensive preparation for the Thanksgiving meal, I am going to institute a new tradition for the Lackey family.  It's a little thing I like to call Thankspinning.

We will all gather 'round in the living room during the halftime of the Redskins VS Cowboys game (RG3!  RG3!  RG3!) with laptops and iPads.  I'll light a "Baking Turkey" scented candle.  Alan will say a blessing.  Then, we'll dig into our  deli turkey sandwiches served up on lap trays.

During the half time feast, we'll all navigate to the Pinterest site on our personal computing devices, search "Thanksgiving," then start pinning what our virtual Thanksgiving meal could look like.

It'll go like this...

Reed Lackey onto My Mom is Making Me Pin Thanksgiving
Reed Lackey  i want these

Carolyn Lackey  Super cute!  I'll have 3 right now!

Alan Lackey  WW points?

Jonathan Lackey  ugh

Bryce Lackey this is freakin' stupid

Bryce Lackey onto This is Freakin' Stupid
Bryce Lackey these would be great with little Indians made of Poptarts
Reed Lackey id rather have ice cream
Jonathan Lackey ugh...get it?  ugh.
Alan Lackey  humor your mother.  play nice.
Reed Lackey is being humorous the same thing as humoring?
Carolyn Lackey no comment
Jonathan Lackey  it doesn't make sense to post a comment that says
"no comment"
Carolyn Lackey onto Thankful for Thankspinning

Carolyn Lackey Bryce, you sit next to Mimi.  Reed and Jonathan 
sit over there next to Leonard.  Nana, sit next to me.  Alan, please 
serve up that bottle of wine.

Alan Lackey red wine with turkey?
Reed Lackey since I'll be 21 in February...

Carolyn Lackey uh, no.
Bryce Lackey no coment
Bryce Lackey *comment*
Jonathan Lackey no comment
Alan Lackey onto C'mon Boys.  Make Mom Happy.

Alan Lackey who wants white meat

Carolyn Lackey me!  me!  me!

Reed Lackey no comment

Bryce Lackey no coment

Bryce Lackey *comment*

Jonathan Lackey no comment

Reed Lackey onto My Mom is Making Me Pin Thanksgiving
Reed Lackey that's what i'm talkin about
Carolyn Lackey shut up and eat your sandwich

Carolyn Lackey onto Thankful for Thankspinning
Carolyn Lackey who wants pie!?
Alan Lackey WW pts?
Reed Lackey no comment
Bryce Lackey no coment
Bryce Lackey *comment*
Jonathan Lackey no comment

Reed Lackey onto My Mom is Making Me Pin Thanksgiving

Reed Lackey meow meOW meow meow

Alan Lackey soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fuuuuuur

Bryce Lackey happy kitty sleepy kitty

Jonathan Lackey purr purr purr

Carolyn Lackey no comment.  i'm just going to give you 

"the look." \:-(
Jonathan Lackey onto Ugh

Jonathan Lackey thankspinning music?

Bryce Lackey sweet!

Reed Lackey sweet!

Carolyn Lackey THAT IS NOT SWEET!

Alan Lackey half time is over!

Jonathan Lackey thankful
Bryce Lackey lol me too
Reed Lackey are we gonna have a Pinmas dinner

One last pin from me to you...

Happy, happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for your friendship.


Bridget said...

I've been catching up on my blogs and laughed so hard at your Thankspinning. I hope everyone got what they wanted! At least virtually.

Carolyn Lackey said...

Hey, Bridget! Thanks for your comment! Yup! We had a real deal Thanksgiving dinner complete with a hominy casserole with Hatch chilies!

Holly Croley said...

Carolyn - I am home in San Benito, TX with my sister trying to help my mother take care of things since my father has very bad dementia. Anyway I was telling them about you and how you were such a great writer and your fabulous Christmas letters...well I just decided to pull up your blog and read a few to them - your thanksgiving and dreams and peeing had us all in stiches on the some of us can relate! Anyway thank you for keeping us laughing!
and thank you so much for your blog post about Its the Word. I just about cried when I saw the two rocks....can't believe you still have them! Love, BOZ


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