Sunday, June 23, 2013

Graduation Gifts, Sentimentally Speaking

Oh, my!  How I've missed you guys!  I've been busy, busy, busy.  It's all good.  Just busy.

I've been wanting to share a couple of my latest creative projects with you!  

 We had a big celebration when our middle son, Bryce, 
graduated from Baylor and became a...

I wanted to create some personal, sentimental mementoes 
for Bryce to mark the occasion.  

A sweet friend (thanks, Karen Barber!!!) gave me a gargantuan "lovely" Baylor sweater that someone had given her husband YEARS ago, and he had never worn.  I tucked it away thinking that it would someday come in handy.  It had the Baylor emblem on the front and a bear on the back.  Since we have/had 2 sons at Baylor, I knew that I had to make 2 somethings out of the sweater.  So, I made 2 pillows.

Bryce got first choice since he's the first grad.  Reed, self-named "Squat Boy," got second "choice" because he's the 2nd grad (2014) and is...well...Squat Boy (long story that dates back to his early childhood).  Both boys loved the pillows!

Next, I ventured to Pinterest to come up with a special way to present a gradation gift of "seed money" to Bryce.  Aha!  A box made from a book!!  I went to a local thrift shop and found some great books for $1 each that had appropriate titles and made some "gift boxes."  It's way easier than it looks!  I made several while I was at it because it's a great way to make a monetary gift look really cool.

Alan and I both wrote special messages to Bryce in the front of his book.  He loved the book and LOVED the cash.

I want to publicly thank Bryce for his patience as I snapped 249-ish pictures of him around campus the morning after his graduation.  He was even kind enough to put on the exact same clothes he wore under his graduation robe!  

Stand here!  Now look down a bit at the camera!!  Hold it...hold it...  Now one with Judge Baylor!  
Oh!  Let's get one with those cool banners!  Now a close up!

Bryce, you made your mom very, very happy especially when you tried the failed jump-up-and-click-your-heels pose about 22 times without making a peep!!

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