Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Panties

Alan and I trekked to Raider Ranch to join the Meems and Leonard for the Ranch's 4th of July lunch.  Mom greeted me at the door thrusting a pair of panties towards me saying "Are these your panties?  I found them mixed in with mine.  I only wore them once, and I washed them."  Yes, they were mine.  Meems must have picked them up by mistake when we shared a hotel room at Bryce's graduation.  I tucked them into my purse trying to decide if my favorite Soma panties that had been worn "only once" by my 87-year-old Mom were too weird to throw back into my lingerie drawer.

Raider Ranchers donned their 4th of July finest began lining up in the lobby at 10:30 for the 11:00 lunch.  Holiday meals are "free" (don't come off of their food allowance), so attendance was high.  There were USA t-shirts, vests that were striped on one side and starred on the other, red, white, and blue necklaces that lit up, and hats.  Oh, there were some hats.  My favorite had a sequined band made up of stars and stripes.  I really wish it had lit up.

We filled our plates at the long buffet loaded with potato salad, cold slaw, beans, cheesy bisquits, sausage and brisket.  Before settling down at the table, we made a trip by the dessert table to claim our pieces of pie - apple for Alan and me, cherry for Meems and Leonard.  Once seated, Leonard said a wonderfully patriotic blessing.  Amen!

As we settled down and began tucking into our loaded plates, Meems asked me in an "outside voice," 'SO, WERE THOSE YOUR PANTIES?"  "Yes, Mom."  "DID YOU PUT THEM IN  YOUR PURSE?"  "Uh huh. Did you try the watermelon?"

Too bad the panties weren't red, white and blue.  I'd have probably put them on.

Happy 4th of July friends!!

PS.  I'm totally putting those panties back in my lingerie drawer.

Meems told me on the phone that she was all dressed in red, white, and blue.
I was a bit worried about what she had come up with.
Love that her "blue"is her blue wool French beret.  Ooooo La La!

Yup.  Saw it on Pinterest.
Our little nieces, Millie and Allison, are coming tomorrow!!  Must have cupcakes! 
In memory of Loyce Deloney.
I love the American Flag and the Statue of Liberty.
And, young, clean cut Pat Boone.
You, go, Green Girl!

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