Friday, January 17, 2014

The Wedding Cake that Gave Me a Twitch

Yesterday I ran to Hobby Lobby at 3PM.  I'm sure of the time because I said to myself as I was walking out the door, "If you hurry, you can make it back in time to watch Dr. Phil!"  So, hurry to Hobby Lobby I did.

I've been in a baking mood lately.  So once I picked up the items on my mental list, I checked my watch - 3:30 - and allowed myself a little browse on the baking aisle.  Ahhhhh.  Cookie cutters!  Fondant!  Sprinkles!  It was supposed to be a 5 minute joy break.  

I had the aisle to myself save a cute couple that was gathering up supplies right and left filling their arms with more and more.  As I neared them, I playfully chided, "You guys are gonna need a basket!"  The guy who was in his mid-20s grinned and said, "Yes!  A basket!"  He quickly stacked on a shelf all the baking paraphernalia he had been hugging to his chest and sprinted towards the front of the store.

I strolled along a few steps past the young lady, then I just couldn't resist.  "So, what kind of project are you guys working on?"  I know.  It seems nosey.  But in Hobby Lobby, that's what we women do.  Like men who meet by happenstance while forging trails through the mountains, we are curious about where our fellow Project Queens are headed.

The young lady was beautiful.  She was either Hispanic or of Indian descent.  Her skin was rich and flawless.  Her glossy, smooth hair draped down her back.  She turned towards me with a radiant smile and exclaimed, "Our wedding cake!"

I was taken aback because of the way that they were rapidly selecting items from fondant to various fondant tools.  "What about this?!"  "Yeah!  Get that!  Oh....and one of these!!!"

I was in - hook, line, and sinker.  Trying to mirror the excitement in her eyes I exclaimed, "How fun!  When's the wedding!?"

Grinning like she was on some sort of romantic adventure she said, "Tomorrow at 2:00!"

Tomorrow at 2:00.  Less than 24 hours.  My stomach tightened.  I struggled not to react in a horrified manner.  What to say...what to say...what to say...

"Well, how exciting [trans:  terrifying]!  What an adventure [trans:  trip to crazy town]!" I croaked, barely able to breathe.

"I know!  I've never made a wedding cake before!  I'm going to try covering it in fondant, and I've never done that before either!" she continued, "It's going to be 3 layers and each one will be a different flavor and the top one is going to be heart-shaped!"

I turned my head slightly away from her so that she could not see the twitch that was rocking my left eye.  Visions of Pinterest cake fails flew through my mind.

All I could say was, "Well, congratulations!  Happy caking!  (yes, I said "caking")  Happy wedding!"

Her fiance rounded the corner with the promised shopping cart.  As I started to turn at the end of the aisle I heard her exclaim, "We need to go back to Michaels!  I liked that cake topper the best!  The dress matches mine better!"

Both eyes twitching, I headed across the store to browse the ribbon aisle.  I needed time to decompress.  It was all I could do to keep from running back across the store to offer my help on their monumental project.  But, I remembered how happy and silly-in-love they looked.  And, I was glad for them.  They had it all figured out.  A wedding should be relaxed, fun, and exciting.  They had definitely checked off all 3 boxes.

I slowly made my way around the rest of Hobby Lobby browsing to my heart's content with a song rolling 'round in my head.  "I'm gettin' married tomorrow AT 2!  Ding Dong!  The bells are gonna CHIME!"  I missed Dr. Phil entirely.

Dear LORD, please get the happy couple to the church on time.

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