Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Funny Valentine

The other day:

"I made you a bookmark."

I actually felt a little tinge of "tickled pink" when she told me about the bookmark.  

"It's on my shelf.  It's for you."

When I picked up my gift, I accidentally smudged the somewhat organized glob of glitter glue she added to the bottom of the design.

"Mom, I need to leave it here to dry overnight!  I'll get it tomorrow when I come see you!"

One minute and 42 seconds later.

"Don't forget to take home your bookmark."

Re-explained the wet glitter glue issue.


Two minutes and 17.5 seconds later.

"Don't forget to take home your bookmark."



"I want you to have the Valentine that's on my door."

She "made" it the day she made the bookmark.  A group of middle school students came and did crafts with the residents.  She had a LOT of help making it.

"Mom, are you sure you want me to have it?!  It's got your name on it!"

"Yes.  It's YOUR Valentine from me."

"That's SO SWEET!  Thank you, Mom!"

"I want YOU to have a Valentine."  

And so, I do.  The bookmark made me smile.  The door sign with her name on it brought huge wet tears to my eyes.  I will treasure it always.

A lovely lady came to play songs for them on the piano prior to their Valentine's party this afternoon.  One of the caregivers referred to her as a "piano-ist."  Worked for me.

While she was banging out oldie goldies on the out-of-tune piano, Mom leaned over to me and said loudly, "I can't believe that they didn't invite ALL of the parents to this.  This is really nice.  They must not have sent out invitations.  You knew about the party because you're here every day."

It's officially official.  I'm the parent now.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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