Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 6 of the 17 Day Diet

Let's see...where do I begin?  Shall I first tell you my opinion of the diet itself, confess my transgressions, or boast of my weight loss.  I suppose that you are sitting on the edge of your computer desk chair saying, "Get to the results, woman!!" so I'll begin there.  As of 7AM this morning, I am down 3 pounds.  Considering that my weight seems to vacillate a pound or two every night between the time I lay my head on the pillow and the next morning when I shuck my jammies for my morning shower, I should probably claim only 2 of those pounds.

The diet itself is very easy.  There is no weighing.  No measuring.  No weird ingredients like agave nectar or tahini.  As you can see by my grocery list, most of my shopping was done in the produce department.  Fresh, fresh, fresh.  Fortunately, I'm the type that gets all excited when I see that Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and asparagus are on the "cleansing" vegetable list.  And, I assure you, they do not disappoint in the whole "cleansing" department.

As for the 17 Minute Workout, the jury is still out.  I did it twice last week then took the weekend off.  I take my weekend leisure very, very seriously.  As you may recall, the first time I did the video, I used clenched fists in lieu of hand weights.  On Friday I added hand weights.  I borrowed them from my 85 year old mother.  They are one-pounders.  Those of you who enjoy working out as little as I do will be happy to know that though the weights were minimal, I felt that I got a "better" workout while using them.

Now, for my transgressions.  Alan and I attended a couple's shower on Friday night.  There was a huge spread of Mexican food.  I skipped over the chips, tortillas, tamales, and queso.  I didn't want to be rude, so I took a small spoonful of the homemade enchiladas.  I focused on the chicken fajita meat and grilled vegetables.  Oh, and guacamole.  Then, there was the 1.5 inch square of a Blonde Brownie that I savored on my taste buds for several minutes.  To onlookers, I probably looked like I had just been voted off Survivor Vanuatu and was enjoying my first real meal.  I tried to keep my this-is-soooooo-delicious moans to a minimum.  These Friday Night Diet Improprieties were followed by Saturday Night Diet Improprieties during dinner at O'Hana where Alan and I bellied up to the sushi bar.  

Garden Salad with Roast Turkey
and Blueberry Basalmic Vinaigrette
On Sunday, I ate like a choir girl taking communion.  I consumed only what was suggested for Day 5 of the Accelerate cycle of diet.  Come to think of it, the bread that I consumed during the actual 10:30 communion service was not a part of the plan.  However, I counted the grape juice as red grapes which are on the "low sugar fruits" list.  I spent most of the afternoon cozied up on the couch watching "The Parking Lot Movie," a very interesting documentary about a parking lot.  Pictured on the left is the salad I ate during the movie.  I figured out that basalmic vinegar, olive oil and about a tablespoon of sugar-free blueberry jam makes a pretty amazing salad dressing.  Or, maybe I'm flavor-desperate.

This morning as I was wagging my one-pound weights around while lunging and marching in place, I became totally distracted by the 17-Minute Workout leader's legs.  Either she doesn't shave them, or she has zillions of tiny spider veins.  I spent the whole 17 minutes trying to catch close up glimpses of her calves.  It appears that my friend, Modified Workout Model Joanne, and the other girl in the video have smooth shaven legs.  The time passed much more quickly as I made a game out of trying to figure out whether or not the video was "high def" and did it come in Blu-ray.  According to my TV, the lady has very hairy legs.

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