Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Farmer Talk

Conversation hear this morning at the eye doctor's office regarding the cold front that blew through yesterday leaving us in the teens this morning:

Farmer 1:  Sure is cold out there.

Farmer 2:  Yep.

Farmer 1:  I had to go out and break the ice on the hog trough before we left out to come here.

Farmer 2:  Zat right?  I'm sure glad that I don't have 300 head o' cattle like my brother does.  Where he lives got 7" of snow last night.  I bet he's out in it right now kicking the ice in his troughs.

Ahhhhh.  The simple life.  I wanted to hop into the truck with Farmer 1 and ride home to see what Irene was cookin' up for breakfast.  His bacon must be fresher than fresh.  I'd have been willing to run out to the coop to fetch a mess of fresh eggs.  Thank God there are country boys.

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