Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding The Banana Funny's Top 5 Bike List

As a blogger, I always wonder which posts will resonate with da peepo.  It's interesting for me to look over my "stats" to see which blogs have the longest legs.

Here are my all time top 5 blogs according to their number of pageviews:

#5  Moving Miss Helen (07-25-10)
      Don't ask me...I have no idea.
      I'm guessing that people can relate to losing their underwear in public.  Recurring
      nightmare for some?
#3  Birthing Potential (11-04-10)
      I have to admit.  This particular story always brings a tear to my eye.  And not
      because I feel convicted to let more babies come "out of my tummy."
#2  Nekked Hot Tubbing  (02-07-11)
      I think that the popularity of this post is self-explanatory.

Coming in on top for NO APPARENT REASON!
#1 BANANA BIKE!  (03-06-11)  
      Go figure.

There are some interesting google searches that bring readers my way.  Below are but some of the phrases googled:
  • "clever pinterest  board names"
  • "17 day diet cleansing vegetables list"  (along with numerous variations of 17 day diet queries)
  • "kenner gooney bird"
  • "funny pink spin bike"  (I can't figure it out either.)
  • "white khakis salmon shirt frat"  (You tell me.)
  • "if it is to be it is up to he"
  • "funny cupcakes art"
  • "funny I pledge allegiance"
  • "big black beast gets bonket"  (Creepy.)
The numero uno search phrase that lures unsuspecting googlers to this site:

Therefore, I will be including the words "banana bike" in every future post.  I actually enjoy typing the words "banana bike."

I'd be amiss if I didn't say that no one lands here by weird kinds of goggle searches!
Here's a little sumthin-sumthin for all of you
banana bike enthusiasts.  My sister, Calamity Kathy, is
totally trying to steal the show from my banana bike.

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