Friday, October 26, 2012


A thought popped into my  head yesterday as I was having my quiet time.  In preparation to bask in God's presence, I gathered up my Bible, my devotional book du jour, my calendar, and my phone.  Why the calendar and phone, you ask?  Invariably while I'm studying and praying, God puts someone on my heart who needs to be "loved on."  Sometimes, loving on someone means taking a meal or simply spending uninterrupted time with them.  When this happens, I turn to my calendar's to-do list and jot it down.

Yesterday, I was lifting up several people in prayer.  I was so moved by one friend's situation that I picked up my phone mid-prayer and sent a text to him.  I basically sent him a little ha-ha "warning" that I prayed that God would plop some DE-light in his path during the day.  I felt like he needed to know that his friends are still here praying him through his season of deep, deep grief.

Afterwards, I was thinking of all the ways God can use social media and technology.  Then, a word popped into my head about this loud...


It dawned on me that no matter where I am on the planet (depending on the cell service), I can reach out to someone God puts on my heart by sending a "blessing" via a text message.  Blexting.  It can a quick "I'm here.  I'm praying." or a little "Lifting you up!  This is going to be a great day!" or maybe a simple "Lo, He is with you always!" to a friend who is having a 911 day.

So, I am challenging you to add this word to your lexicon...

blext \blekst\, noun 
1. a divinely inspired text message sent to someone who needs a little sumthin-sumthin to make it through a particularly tough or, perhaps, joyous day: I sent a blext to Suzie just before she was wheeled to the OR for brain surgery. 

verb: blexted, blexting I blexted Violet to let her know that I was praying for her on her wedding day.  Hang on a minute - I'm in the middle of blexting a quick prayer to Bryce to let him know that God will be with him as he takes his oral test in Swahili.

Reach out and blext someone today.  Your words of encouragement or blessing will make a huge difference in their perspective as they face whatever is in their path today.  Just tell 'em God sent you.

Have a blessed day of blexting!

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