Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's the WORD!

I'm so proud of my Baylor Chi-O college friend, Holly "Boz" Boswell Croley!  She's opened and Etsy "store" called "It's the WORD!"

I can't really think of many...perhaps any (except the one YOU sent me)...wedding gifts I received in 1979, but there is a special one that sits on my desk to this day. 

Holly hand-painted this rock for us!

I've also kept (since 1979) another gift from Holly.

My XO rock painted by "The Boz!"
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Holly has made some precious magnets and notepads.  I mean...who doesn't need some cool, uplifting notepads?!  Go to Holly's Etsy store and check out all of her creations!

Holly, here's a big YOU-GO-GIRL from me to you!  Keep on painting those rocks!  They are forever keepsakes!  Kiss-kiss-hoot-hoot!

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