Monday, February 25, 2013


I feel that I should clarify that my mom doesn't have Alzheimer's.  She is just getting more and more forgetful and repetitive.  Sometimes words slip from her vocabulary when she tries to tell a story.  " know!  That place where they have all the stores?!"  "Mom, do you mean 'mall'?"  She is still able to get around pretty well and dresses appropriately not counting December when she wore her Santa hat that plays "Feliz Navidad" at the push of a button every night to dinner at Raider Ranch.  "Everyone LOVES my Feliz Navitot hat!!!"  She still LOVES attention.

She had a checkup last week.  Twice during the 20 minutes or so that she spent with the doctor she told him the story of a checkup she had at Scott and White in Temple years ago.  "I was really cold in my little hospital gown, so my doctor draped my coat over my shoulders.  When he got up to leave the room, I followed him.  He turned around and said, 'Don't forget to put your clothes on!!'  Ha-ha-ha-ha!"  Dr. Robertson was kind enough to react appropriately to both "tellings."

In the car going back to the Raider Ranch (her independent living facility) from the doctor's office, she asked me at least 4 times why I was taking her home instead of the Raider Ranch transportation lady.  "Mom, remember we're going to run by the bank so you can get some cash?!"  "Oh, yeah."  A few minutes later.  Same question.  Then, she asked, "Are we going to be going by the bank?"

The good news is that she is very diligent about taking all of 3 of her meds.  Yep.  She's 87 years old and only takes 3 prescribed medicines.  And, she takes really good care of herself.  She eats well, watches Dr. Oz, and takes fish oil, et al to stay in top notch condition.  Need I say more?!  She has called me daily since her checkup to remind me that she needs her premed for her upcoming dentist appointment.  These are both good signs - knowing she's about to have her teeth cleaned and that she needs a premed.

If I had to call it something, I would say that she has the beginnings of dementia.  Like my grandmother and my mother, I am sure to have it in my later years...or maybe beginning next week.  You never know.  You just never know.

My only hope is that when I begin toddling down the Road of Forgetful Repetition my sense of humor is as keen as the Meems.  The ability to laugh at oneself is truly a gift from On High.

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