Monday, November 29, 2010

My Newest Facebook Friend, Henry Henrington

I guess I'm paying for all the times that I said, "I'm not your friend!  I'm your MOTHER!!"  My sons have ignored all of my "friend" requests on Facebook.  I'm embarrassed to add that one of my sons has actually "friended" a couple of his friend's moms.  While they were home for Thanksgiving, I tried to cajole them into allowing me entrance into their Facebook worlds.  Eye rolls.  Then, I dug deeper.  "Let me know when you're mature enough to friend me.  A lot of my friends' kids, who are your age...or YOUNGER, have friended their moms.  Just sayin.'"

Yesterday at around 5:30, I received a friend request from Henry Henrington.  Hmmm.  Who the heck is Henry Henrington?  It is not unusual to get friend requests from complete strangers...friends of friends of friends or complete, total, from-a-different-country strangers.  But Henry Henrington?  I looked more closely at his profile picture, then it dawned on me where I had met Henry.  He used to live in the back bedroom closet at my mother's house.  He was one of those weird, scary items I dug out when we were clearing out Mom's house.  

Henry Taking a Study Break
She'd had this "doll" for YEARS.  He is part Raggedy Andy and part Chucky.  He came out to play at Halloween sporting a creepy, green-faced witch mask and during Baylor Homecoming Weekend wearing a green and yellow windbreaker that was 10 sizes too big.  (I know...I know...we got her to Raider Ranch as soon as we could.)  Hoping that Mom would see fit to pass the doll along to a "needy" child, I convinced Reed that he might have some fun with it in the dorm.  He shrugged and threw it in the back of his car.  Thus, Henry Henrington was born this fall in Penland Hall.  Now, he wanders the second floor looking for ways to scare unsuspecting freshman.  He likes to pose casually in unexpected places...just staring and waiting.  Oh, the fun Henry has when his victim turns around his desk chair and screams like a little girl!   

Once I realized my connection with Henry, I quickly and enthusiastically responded to his friend request.  I'm going to keep up with Reed via Henry since they seem to share a dorm room.  Hopefully, Henry will be forthcoming about Reed's study and hygiene habits or lack thereof.  Yep.  Old Henry and I are going to be great, great buddies.  I may even send him a goodie box for finals.

Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to get a friend request from my middle child, Bryce.  Aha!...I thought.  The old "mature enough to friend me" comment had woven some magic in cyberspace!  I felt so pleased with myself.  Then, I clicked on "confirm friend."  My bubble was burst.  Bryce had re-established  his Facebook page to make it "parent friendly."  He has 3 friends thus far:  Reed, Henry Henrington, and me.  His profile picture is an ancient family picture taken one summer when we went horseback riding in Estes Park.  It's a wholesome, unblemished page with absolutely nothing newsy to peruse.  I complimented Bryce on being a hilarious little wisen-heimer.

From my oldest child, no response to my friendship request.  In his defense I will say that he wasn't here last weekend to benefit from my "mature enough" bully talk.  I guess the best that I can hope for  is that someday I will be cool enough to be friended by my own offspring.  I can just imagine the satisfying feeling that will come when they click "like" in response to all my newsfeed comments.  "Sitting here in my robe eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut."  Like!  "Alan and I are having cereal for supper."  Like!  "I 'heart' my 3 sons!"  Like!

I'm off to share newsy tidbits wall-to-wall with Henry Henrington.  He has always been a really good listener.  Like!

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