Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's All in the Packaging: Gift Wrapping

fun notepads
A cousin asked me not too long ago if I had any interests or hobbies.  "Hmmm," I said, "Do I have any interests or hobbies?..."  I was wishing that I could say things like "I just love to sail catamarans in the open sea" or "I raise Arabian horses" or "I'm a collector of ancient Egyptian art."  Instead, I replied, "I just LOVE wrapping presents!"  He shot me a look of curiosity.  "I don't just wrap them.  I WRAP them.  It's like creating art to me!  I take a picture of every gift that I wrap."  "Oooh kay," he tentatively replied.

I'm guessing that "gifts" is my love language.  I actually love giving them more than I love receiving them.  There's the thinking of the perfect thing.  There's the purchase of the perfect thing.  And then...there's the WRAPPING of the perfect thing.

a cookbook and a labeler

some sort of "girl stuff"

a wedding shower gift
a gift certificate to a store called "My Cup of Tea"

a gift for a baby boy who was adopted in Africa
Sometimes the actual choice of gift is gift wrap-driven.  Hmmm.  Do I have a box for that?  What could I use as a package topper?

More to come!


Lisa said...

You are truly amazing! You DO put so much thought into your gifts! Can you please move next door? I will keep you very busy!

Jolie said...

Your wedding shower gift to me is probably one of the only ones I clearly remember what the packaging looked like (lots of q-tips). Thank you!

Carolyn Lackey said...

Lisa, chum-own! I'd love to have you live next door! How could we arrange that without disrupting my excellent and beloved next door neighbors?

Jolie, I'm honored that you happened by my blog! I remember those q-tips! That gift wrap idea was born in the early stages of my gift-wrapping metamorphosis!

Carolyn Lackey said...

Oh wait! Lisa you want me to move next door to YOU! I'm sure that can be arranged.

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

My mom taught me to make GIANT bows out of Hallmark wet-and-stick ribbon when I was a child. I'm still doing it today - adding doodads and thingamabobs and the perfect card.

It IS better to give than to receive, isn't it? It's just so much more fun.

Mama Bear & Baby Bear said...

i have been the recepient of several of these lovely andlovingly wrapped presents.
Caroly, you have turnedthis into an ART. What an expression of your love for the receiver.



Carolyn Lackey said...

Ashley, it's the doodads and thingamabobs that make my heart sing! Lulu, you are more than kind!


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