Sunday, April 22, 2012

Still Here

I check your blog every morning, and you haven't written in forever.  
Hope you are okay and just not in the mood to compose.
Boys doing good?  Alan doing good?  Your mom?  You?  How's Kelly?  

The words above were part of an email I received yesterday from a precious, precious friend who lives in Dallas.  I guess I'd lost track of the blogosphere time and space continuum.  It has been a while since I've either had the time to blog or had something to share.

At Christmas, if I don't receive a Christmas card from one of the "regulars," my mind "goes there."  I imagine that someone in their family is sick with a terminal disease, a divorce has rocked their world, or their home of 25 years was blown off of the planet.  It never occurs to me that the high price of stamps or accumulated Christmas stress could have been the reason for skipping the annual holiday greeting.

So, in case you're wondering:
  • I am OK!
  • I have been really busy helping with a dear friend's daughter's wedding.
  • I had a couple of other big events to tend to.
  • I added the Bejeweled app to my iPhone.  (Not to worry.  I deleted it on Friday.)
  • I've been kind of lacking in the blog topic department lately.
  • The boys are great!
  • Alan is great!
  • The Meems is doing great!
  • Kelly (niece) is doing great!!
Thank goodness Meems and Leonard ran an errand yesterday.  See next blog coming asap!

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