Thursday, July 14, 2011

Maui: The Finicky Eater

During our week in Maui, I was surprised to discover that my little mother has become a very picky eater.  She is the woman who raised me on Brussels sprouts, asparagus on toast covered in Hollandaise sauce, and chop suey.  I was proud to be the president of the Kinzbach Clean Plate Club.  Bring on the vegetables!  Bring on the experimental Helen Corbitt recipes!  Set the table!  The Hawaiian Stuffed Bell Peppers are almost done!

The very first meal she had in Maui was the BLT served at the Hyatt's poolside restaurant.  "That was one of the best BLTs I've ever had!"  She was not especially fond of the tarro chips that came with the sandwich.  No ahi poke "nachos" or sesame seared ahi for the Meems!  Bring on the bacon!  Which brings me to breakfast...

Mimi LOVED the "free" breakfast that came with our hotel package.  I must admit that though I am not a breakfast person, the buffet was truly impressive.  Each morning, I went through the line to fill her plate with her requests:  scrambled eggs, toast, pineapple ("and whatever other kind of fruit they have"), some of that "fruity cake," and THREE pieces of bacon.  I have learned that the way to a senior citizen's heart is through the "free" buffet.

One morning we were up and at 'em at 7:00AM for our drive up the famed Road to Hana.  We reached Hana just after noon and began to consult my Yelp iPhone  app for a great place to lunch.  The highest rated spot was the 5-star "Uncle Bill's Lunch Wagon" which was actually a beat up bus aka "kitchen" parked on the roadside with a couple of picnic tables in front of it.  Uncle Bill's was closed.  We finally decided that we would try the Thai "restaurant" promising Mimi that she could order a bowl of plain rice.

The sign looked professional.

This was the restaurant.  The cooler on the left was where you got your drink.

This is one of the chefs.

It took great effort to help Mom navigate the gravel and steps into the...uh...eatery.  "I want a small dinner salad," she said as Kelly and I read over the white board menu.  "Mom!  This is not a 'small dinner salad' kind of place!  How about a bowl of rice?" I replied.  "Hmm. That doesn't sound very good to me.  But, all right. I guess."

At that very moment, I spied a big Tupperware tub full of chopped lettuce.  "You ready to oh-der?" the lady asked.  "Do you think that there is any possible way you could take some of that lettuce and make something that resembles a small dinner salad," I asked.

There are good people wherever you travel.  My heartfelt thanks to the lady at the roadside open air "Nutcharee's Authentic Thai Food" restaurant.  According to Mom, that was a really good small dinner salad.

It was here that I decided that if Mom's bucket list included a trip to Hong Kong, I was going to put my foot down and remind her that Pei Wei isn't one of her favorite places to eat.

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