Thursday, July 7, 2011

Maui: Vacation from Our Vacation

I've been told numerous times that the flight home from Hawaii is rugged.  Each time I silently scoffed thinking "how hard can it be to sit in a chair for 8 hours.  I mean...geeyaw."  I found out.  (BTW, that's "geeyaw" with a "hard G.")

Last Friday we flew out of Maui at 5PM and landed at DFW at 5AM on Saturday.  Something twilight-zonian happens in that time/space continuum.  It's a of Back to the Future meets I-can't-sleep-sitting-up-with-my-feet-flat-on-the-floor kind of thang aka time travel.

It took me about 2 days to catch up on that one night's sleep then another 3 days to stop yawning.  The Meems slept most of the day last Saturday.  She went to bed at about 8:00 that night and woke up at 3:00 Sunday afternoon!  I swear that if she'd been at my house I would have been putting a small mirror beneath her nose every hour to check her breathing.  She tends to sleep very, very still with her arms on her chest.  Kathy and I used to stand over her and wait to see if she would take another breath.  She is one creepy sleeper.

After all that planning and all that "vacationing" which meant schlepping Mimi's rented scooter in and out of the rented SUV, digging her money out of her billfold to pay for each souvenir purchase, having her hold on to my elbow every time she took a step, etc, etc... (due to a history of unfortunate spills - especially one in particular that we'll just call the Estes Park Vacation Buzz Kill Broken Hip), I have needed a few days of vacation from my vacation.  

During the drive from DFW to Lubbock, Mom's honey-do list began.  Each item began with either "when you get a minute would you" or "if you have time would you" or "when you get rested up would you."

The When You - Will You List
  • make photo books for you (Carolyn), Kelly and me (Mimi) like the one you did for our New York City trip
  • look up how to tie a "sharong" on your computer
  • take me to a nursery so that I can get a hibiscus for my porch
  • take me to Chico's to see if they have anything cute on sale
  • take the blue plumbago plant of mine that Alan has been watering back to my porch at Raider Ranch
  • help me pot my new hibiscus plant
Yep.  I'll get right on all of those things.  As soon as I rest up.  And blog.  

Coming soon:  the Maui Blog series.


Lisa said...

I have been waiting for your "tales." Can't wait to visit Hawaii through your eyes!( and die laughing!)

Barker Crew said...

I'd like to second that...I've been awaiting the saga for days! :) Beautiful picture of you guys...
Glad you're back safe and sound.

We lucked out on our trip back from Kauai...had a chance to 'give up' our seats on the red-eye back to DFW for a trade of 2 round trip tickets and a night + breakfast at the Embassy Suites! NO BRAINER! Anyway, it certainly helped and I'd say we'll plan that way if we ever do it again...


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