Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh, Happy Friday!

Things I would love to do on this happy Friday:

Take a morning stroll in the Rocky Mountains.

Ride this roller coaster in Orlando and not throw up.

Have dim sum in San Francisco.

Create some mail art postcards.

Open Christmas presents.

Read in the shade of a Seaside beach umbrella.

Nap in the shade of a Seaside beach umbrella.

Sip on a Bud & Alley's mojito with my schweet baby...

While watching the sun set in Maui.

And, end the evening on Broadway.

Oh, happy day!

The truth of the matter is this:
I'll push my chair away from this computer.  Stand and stretch.  Shuffle into my bathroom to shower and dress.  Shorts, Maui "I'm on Island Time" T-shirt, flip flops.  Tie on my favorite Williams-Sonoma apron.  And, dance the day away with a vacuum cleaner and a Swiffer.  Lolly.  Lolly.  La.

Tell me, friend!  What will you do on this happy Friday?

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