Friday, July 15, 2011

Photographic Evidence

Bryce texted me this picture a couple of weeks with the caption "Reed busted on his bike."  At first glance, I thought that was his knee minus a kneecap.  It's actually his arm.  Minus an elbow.

Then, the mother in me studied the picture further.  Standing alone in my kitchen I laughed out loud and did a little happy dance.

Tilt your head ever so slightly to the left and study the top left corner of the picture.  REED MADE HIS BED!!!  

Now, direct your attention to the lower right corner of the picture.  THERE ARE NO DIRTY CLOTHES PROTRUDING FROM UNDERNEATH HIS BED!!  That's my college boy!  He's maturing!  

He and Bryce came home for the weekend a few days after I received the picture.  After expressing appropriate motherly concern over his boo-boo, I told him that I was proud that he had become a bed-maker.

"I figured out that I kinda like a clean room.  It's more relaxing to hang out in.  So, I try to clean it every 3 or 4 days.  That's usually when I make the bed."

Baby steps. Now if he can just learn how to answer his cell phone while riding a bike.

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