Friday, September 2, 2011

Ahhhh. Seaside.

Up until about 2 years ago, Alan and I were self-declared "mountain people."  Most all of our vacations were spent in mountainous areas or some National Park.  Alan and the boys love to hike.  And, I love them.
My "home" for the week.
Reed's idea of reading for "pleasure."

Then, we ventured to Seaside, Florida the summer of 2009.  Seaside changed our vacationing habits forever.  Oh, we'll still make treks to the mountains, and there are still some National Parks left for us to explore, but ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Seaside!

We journeyed back to our beloved beach town in mid-August just before the boys had to head back to college.  

Spending a week reading on a white, sandy uncrowded beach is heaven on earth.  I plowed through 4 books.
Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani
How to be an American Housewife by Margaret Dilloway 
The Dressmaker of Khair Khana by Gayle Lemmon

We spent a couple of mornings playing
croquet in a most civilized manner.
Seaside:  Tuesday morning rush hour.
My morning commute.

I cooked not one meal.  When one of the boys was hungry for lunch, a trek up the beach to the Taco Bar or the Shrimp Shack was no problemo.  No schedules.  No phone calls.  No email.  It was heaven.

This song kept weaving through my brain:  "Sing us a song!  You're the Cabana man!  Sing us a song tonight!"

Ahhhhh.  Seaside.

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