Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Lackey Easter

I love Easter Sunday afternoon.  We worshiped joyously.  
We ate sinfully.  We laughed heartily.  Then, I took a long Sunday nap.

It began at the breakfast table with one shared "Big Boy" Easter Basket.
"Big Boy" means "at least I got you some candy."
Bryce had to "show me teeth" before he filled his plate.  The chocolate milk is a holiday/birthday/first day breakfast tradition at the Lackey House.  It's Promised Land Midnight Chocolate.  Alan frosts the glasses in the freezer before filling it with the thick, rich ice cold chocolate milk.  Mm.  Mm.  Mm. 
Reed had a little bit of biscuit with his grape jelly.
Leonard joined us for lunch.  He asked the blessing.
Mimi wasn't satisfied with a lean-together-and-smile picture.
Lucky Reed.
I adore my little mother.
"Just take the picture so we can eat!" Alan said through his fake smile.  "Yeah!" echoed Bryce.
My grandmother served a huge lunch after church every Sunday when I was a little girl.  I miss those lunches.  That's why I love Easter Lunch so much, I reckon.
Dessert:  White Cupcakes with Fresh Sugared Strawberries and Alan's Famous Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
Happy Easter from my family to yours!
We miss you, Jonathan!  Can't wait to see you in May!

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