Monday, April 18, 2011

Lackey Vocabulary Words

liv er ing room [liv' er ring room] noun
1.  the big room in the center of our house
2.  room with the biggest TV
3.  large room with enough open space to build a fort out of all of the blankets in the linen closet
Who left legos scattered all over the floor in the livering room?!

zer age [zer' ahhhzh] noun
1.  place where cars are supposed to be parked
2.  place where bikes, trikes, Little Tykes car, balls, swords, and toy guns litter the floor leaving no room to park cars
If you boys don't move your bikes over to one side of the zerrage or the other, they will get run over!  And this time, I really mean it!!

maz a gine [maz uh geen']  noun
1.  periodicals which the mailman delivers monthly which are rarely read by the busy mother
2.  dog-eared, crumpled periodicals in a pediatrician's office which are covered with germs that no flu shot or vaccination can conquer
Mom, will you read me this mazagine? [child holds up a 3 year old copy of  Parents magazine with "Potty Training in a Day!" jumping off of the mangled cover in big red letters]

tuck le [tuck el] verb
1.  to shove one's shirt tail down into one's pants
2.  to arrange the sheets and blankets over a non-sleepy child while kissing him and assuring him that if he leaves his bed before the sun rises, there will be consequences too severe to even utter aloud
Moo-oom!  Will you come tuckle me in again?  All my blankets fell off, and I can't sleep!
Moo-oom!  Will you tuckle my shirt in?  It's too hard for me!

the broth ers [thu bru' thurz]  noun
1.  older male siblings who have later bedtimes, get to go to school every day, and sometimes physically abuse the youngest male sibling
2.  older male siblings worshiped by a younger brother who longs to be just like them someday because they can run fast, jump really high, and climb over fences
How much longer until the brothers come home from school?  
The brothers won't let me be a member of their club because they think I'm a baby!

I am missing my boys today.  My little boys.  My little sweaty, giggling, rowdy little boys.  So, I began to think of the vocabulary words that they coined all of those years ago.  The words first fell upon our ears as cute mispronunciations that became bullet points in the lists of "How Cute is This?!"  Phone calls were made to Daddy at work and grandparents afar.

"Hey, Sweetie, guess what Jonathan just said!"
"I can't guess.  What did he say?"
"He asked me if his beach ball was in the 'zerage' - not garage - 'ZERAGE'!"
"Zerage?!  That's so cute!  What's for dinner?"

Some of the new words were so catchy, they became a part of the Lackey vocabulary.  

"Alan, can you tuckle Reed's shirt tail in tighter?  I usually tuckle it into his big boy underwear before pulling his pants up."
"REEEEED!  Come here so I can help you tuckle in your shirt!  It's almost time to go to Sunday School!"

We won't see Jonathan until May, but Bryce and Reed will be home this weekend for Easter.  I will kill the fatted calf and make Easter cupcakes.  Then, I will sit out in the front yard facing West in the shade of the red oak watching for Reed's little white car to round the corner onto 84th Street.  When I see it, I will shout, "The brothers are home!  The brothers are home!"
The Brethren


020957 said...

Underwood boy words:

War Cause. Repeated very quickly over and over in excitement over seeing a picture of the holiday man in the red suit. Better yet, seeing him in person. Definitely cause for excitement, but probably not cause for war.

Kwis Mas Trees. Name Ryan gave to that green vegetable most people call broccoli. As in, "I don't want to eat Kwis Mas Twees." (it might upset War Cause.)

Carolyn Lackey said...

War Cause?! I'd love to have been able to see inside the little mind that coined that term!!!

Anabeth said...

precious, precious little boys. a wonderful mom to her three sons.


Leslie said...

Let's see the Clay Boys had mick (short for music) and dice-nar (for dinosaurs) and maz-a-geen (for magazine. We still use those words today. Then there was the request over and over for Pee-Koe song. After much asking Alex to repeat the title, we finally asked him to sing it - "pee-koe, pee-koe, little tar" so of course it is no longer Twinkle, Twinkle, but the Pee-Koe Song.

Carolyn Lackey said...

Leslie, now you've got me singin' it! "Pee-koe, pee-koe, little tar!"


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