Friday, November 18, 2011

Mimi & Leonard do Holiday Happening

On Wednesday, Mom called me all excited and said, "We're* going to Holiday Happening** tomorrow!" 

*We = her compadres at Raider Ranch who have signed up to ride "for free" on the RR bus transporting the Ranchers to the event
**Holiday Happening = a grand 4 day fundraiser that the Junior League of Lubbock has every year - a style show, Breakfast with Santa, evening events, and a HUGE market hall filled with really tons vendors of cool stuff.

"That sounds fun," I tentatively replied.  My years of Holiday Happening experience, including serving on the Holiday Happening Committee, raised a yellow caution flag in my brain.  "It's going to be really crowded, I hope that you don't get lost," I warned.

"Leonard is going to go with me and help me find things," she assured me.

I greatest hope was that Leonard could help her find the bus home at the end of the outing.

"I want to get some more of that good lotion you gave me!" 

Sidebar:  My mother is notorious for walking into stores and asking to see the brown velvet pants that were shown on the front of their catalog "a couple of years ago"...not-dark-brown-they-were-light-brown-but-not-khaki.  Don't even try to convince her that the saleslady will most likely roll her eyes in the same fashion I did.

"Mom, it's going to be really hard to find that lady out of all the booths at Holiday Happening.  I'm not sure that I could find her with my 20/20 vision," I cautioned.

"I know,***" she replied blandly.

***I know = passive-agressive fake acquiescence 

Yesterday afternoon as I was driving Leonard and the Meems to a function for Alan's bank, I asked them how they enjoyed Holiday Happening.

"It was OK," mom replied.

"Did you find that lotion?"

"No," she said quietly.

"We asked 28 people**** where the lotion was, and not a one of them could help us!!" Leonard exclaimed as if all of the Holiday Happening attendees were keeping secret the vendor of good lotions.  "They didn't even know where I could find some notecards.  I'm almost out of notecards!"

****28 people = an exact number because Leonard is a numbers guy who can tell you the exact number of state senators and representatives there are in the Texas and he's from Baltimore. 

"Leonard, I can't recall ever seeing notecards there," I said trying to console him.

"Well, that's all I needed, and they didn't have any," he said looking out the car window.

"And, we couldn't find that lotion.  Maybe you could go and see if you can find it," Meems added.

On Sunday when we pick up Mom and Leonard for church, I'm going to hold high over my head the extra bottle of lotion that I have squirreled away in my closet and herald it as Holiday Happening conquest.  I believe that would fall under the category neatly titled, "Let's Don't and Say We Did."  Boo-ya.

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