Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thirty-Somethingth Annual Fall Romp

I believe that the year was 1977.  I was a junior at Baylor.  One lovely fall afternoon as I headed home from class, I found a little white envelope tucked under one of my car's wiper blades.  My heart thumped.  I knew that it was a message from my beloved Baylor sweetheart, Alan.  Inside the envelope was tucked a perfect little crimson fall leaf on which was written in ball point pen "You are invited to the First Annual Fall Romp."  The date and time were given.  An adventure was about to unfold.

The following Saturday, Alan drove me to a particularly beautiful spot in Cameron Park where the bright fall leaves were floating from the trees.  He had packed a fall picnic of cheeses, crackers, and deli meats.  We sat there in the silence of the trees soaking in the beauty of a sun-filled fall afternoon.

For years to follow, I received a little leaf invitation to the Annual Fall Romp.  We've had picnics in city parks, state parks, national parks, and our own back yard.  Yes, we've missed a few years here and there as our kids were growing up.  But, still the tradition has lived on in our hearts and memories.

Yesterday we returned from our Thirty-Somethingth Annual Fall Romp.  This one took place in one of our favorite national parks:  Zion.  The air was crisp and clear.  The leaves were golden and crimson and emerald.  We hiked over 11 miles in 3 days time.  This in itself was a miracle considering that I haven't been to Bodyworks in months.  I can't even find the Bodyworks thingy that goes on my keychain.

At this time of year, the only people roaming around in national parks are the elderly, European tourists and young parents with preschoolers.  The crowd was low.  The trails were peaceful.  There were very few interruptions to our Fall Romp Reverie.

More pictures have been posted on the Finding the Funny facebook page.  Enjoy.  If you ever get a hankering to head to Zion, let me know.  I've got lots of suggestions for great hikes, places to stay, and amazing food to eat.
So, so red.
Alan videoing the falls over the Lower Emerald Pool.
The Upper Emerald Pool

It was on the trail to Hidden Canyon
that I declared myself a Warrior Princess.
MY WP name:  She Who Conquered Her Fear of Heights.

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