Monday, November 7, 2011

Baylor Homecoming 2011

This homecoming was especially important for a couple of reasons.  It was probably the last time the Meems will make the trip from Lubbock to Waco to enjoy the festivities.  And, a whole bunch of my Chi Omega buddies from the 70's were meeting up at different times during the weekend.  So, last Friday morning, we loaded up Mimi, all of our carefully selected Homecoming "looks" - Pigskin couture, Parade-wear, and Game togs - as well as a borrowed wheelchair (here's a shout out to Shirley!!), and headed down the road to Waco.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures...

The Meems, Bryce, and Reed at Pigskin
Thanks to Jeanette and Tommy Lou for the 3rd row seats!
Mimi could actually see the people on stage!!
The Meems, my Baylor Boy, and me
I'm still trying to figure out why I scrunched down for the picture.
Right in the middle of Pigskin, Mimi asked if we were in the Student Union Building.  That won't be funny to anyone but Baylor peeps.  We were in Waco Hall.  Mimi has been to Waco Hall for Pigskin and Sing about a ba-jillion times.  I pointed out that most Student Union Buildings don't include a huge stage and seating for 2200 (I looked it up...).  Meems:  "Oh. Yeah."

BTW:  If you are looking for a way to get a wheel chair into Waco Hall, look for the breadcrumbs we dropped along the path.  You would never find it otherwise.

After Pigskin, we bundled up little Mimi and rolled her over to the Bonfire.
Soon after the above picture was taken, I dropped my Canon Powershot Elf and goofed up the lens.  I am still in mourning thank you very much.

Sweet, sweet Bryce walked his Meems up a bit closer
to the bonfire so that she could see it.

Alan texted me this picture while I was at the Chi Omega breakfast.
He and the boys got Mimi to the parade early so that she could have a front row seat.  Can't help lovin' those men of mine.

It was great fun seeing all of my Chi Omega friends.  We all swore that we each "looked the same."  We lied politely.  Hugs were squeezed.  Pictures were taken.  Memories were shared.  Good times.

I hope that Meems will get to go to Homecoming 2012.  She loves her some Baylor University.

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