Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WARBT Update - Decorating

Being Wrapped-and-Ready-by-Thanksgiving (WARBT) is wearing me out.  I've spent about 4 hours today cleaning and decorating two bedrooms.  I'm starting in the vacant bedrooms so that Alan and I don't get sick of Christmas by the end of November.

I set out all of my Kitchmas treasures in Bryce's old room.  It took me for freakin' ever to decorate the garland that goes over the window with a ba-zillion knee-hugger elves.  It's one of my favorite Christmas collections, so I guess you could say that it's a labor of love.  (Pictures to follow of the knee-hugger garland.  First, I've got to get Alan's help pushing the iron bed back into place.)

Reed's room is full of snowmen.  Each boy has a "tree" (that I turned into garlands a year or so ago to save space).  Reed's is a snowman tree.  Therefore, his room explodes with snow and icicles and snowmen during the holiday season.  I love that he chose snowmen. He's got a great smile.

Bryce's ornaments have migrated to a garland in my bedroom.  Jonathan's will soon be up in the guest room.

More WARBT updates to follow...
Smiling Snowman

Smiling Son

I loves me some Kitchmas!!!

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