Monday, November 7, 2011

Mac and Cheese Lines of Demarcation

Now that my nest is empty, I've really been missing my boys.  I have started making and freezing some motherlove topped with cheese for Bryce and Reed to store in their apartment's freezer.  (Sorry, Jonathan.  I haven't perfected a method for shipping frozen entrees to Chicago.  Yet.)  These frozen love gifts have really helped soothe my loneliness for the three boys who not so long ago sprawled across the living room floor and the couch watching South Park with their dad.  I hate South Park, but I loved having all my boys in the nest at the same time.

I've sent King Ranch Chicken, Chicken Enchiladas, Macaroni and Cheese, and Chicken Dumpling Pie back to Baylor with Bryce and Reed.  Alan has sent ziplock baggies filled with smoked brisket.  One day as I was chatting with Bryce on the phone, I told him that they need to make sure and eat the casseroles that are on the bottom of the pile in the freezer first to avoid freezer burn.

Bryce:  "OK.  We kinda like to save 'em for special occasions."

Me:  "Special occasions?"

Bryce:  "Like when me or Reed [yes.  he knows better.] has a test or a big paper due or something.  We had some King Ranch Chicken that day that I had my Learning and Behavior* test."  (*psychology course)

Me:  "Oh, yeah.  That was a hard test.  I'll bet thinking about hot, cheesy King Ranch Chicken for dinner made the test less painful."

Bryce:  "Yeah."

On the way to the Baylor football game last weekend, I told Bryce that Mimi was going to have some of their mac and cheese for her dinner since she had opted to stay at their apartment instead of sitting in the stands cheering for the Bears.  Bryce quickly said, "I hope she gets it from Reed's side!"  "Huh?" I replied.

He told me about the special system that they have worked out for eating the casseroles.

Look very closely at the top corners of the foil.
See the "B" written on the left side and the "R" written on the right side?
Bryce explained that they each start eating on opposite ends of the casserole until they get to the center.  "That way we make sure that we each get half."  My heart swelled with love for my men who still love their mamma's cooking.  

Looks like Reed got robbed.
Love you boys!  More mac and cheese heading your way!

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