Thursday, May 3, 2012

How's About a Little Happy Dance?

Bryce and Reed are in the middle of finals this week.  Bryce had his hardest final today.  He always sends me a text before heading in to take a test, and I text a prayer back to him.  Here are the exchanges just before and after the "hardest test" he took today:

Before test...

Bryce:  Thx. [for the prayer]  I got this.

Me:  So does He.

After test...

Bryce:  That's my "raise the roof one down dance!"

Me:  One good happy dance deserves another!

Bryce:  LOL  Did you learn that at yalls [sic] dance class?

Me:  maybe I did and maybe I didn't...

Bryce:  Reed's three finals down dance.

Me:  These videos have made me so happy!  Methinks I see a blog coming!

Bryce:  Glad I have a lone star shirt on.  Free advertising. [for my husband's workplace]

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