Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raspberry Tea-Cones Update

I went by Mom's the other day to clean out the old food in her pantry.  According to her, two year old Pirouette Cookies with vanilla cream filling aren't out of date because she hadn't opened them yet.  Chunk!  As I organized her pantry, I found some contraband.  

Not pictured:  "Still Fresh" Pirouettes, the almost empty box of Girl Scout Lemonades cookies,
and a bag of rock hard "orange slices." When I showed her the 3 bags of orange slices I found in the pantry,
 she asked me to hand her a couple of slices.  She loves orange slices.
I found this grocery list on the counter.

I seriously doubt that Dr. Oz would approve of her snack shelf.  It would probably take 3 million mgs. of "rasberry Keto" to counteract her daily sugar intake.  Further, I doubt they sell poached eggs at the grocery store.

This morning when we picked up Meems and Leonard for church, I handed her a bottle of Tea-Cones.  I found them at Drug Emporium.  I told her that she's supposed to take 2 per day with a Krispy Kreme donut.

Oh, how I adore my crazy, funny, happy-every-ding-dong-day mother!!

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