Sunday, October 30, 2011

Miss Most Halloween-y

Saturday.  9:30AM.


Alan:  Hello?

Voice on phone:  Hello?

Alan:  Well, good morning, Helen!  You're up early!  (The Meems usually sleeps until 11AM.)

Meems:  I won a prize!

Alan:  You won a prize!?  Well, let me put you on speakerphone so that Carolyn can hear this!

Alan padded into our room where I was still cozy under the covers trying to enter the World of Awake.  Not too successfully, I might add.

Alan:  It's your mom.  I'm going to put her on speaker.

Me (yawning):  Good morning, Mom.

Meems:  They gave the Best Costume prize to a couple who were dressed up like a doctor and a nurse.  (She always jumps right into the business at hand.)  Then, they gave a prize for Funniest Costume to a guy in a blown up suit.  I think he was some sort of wrestler.

Me (trying not to remind her that Alan and I had seen the doctor, the nurse, and the sumo wrestler the night before when we went to Raider Ranch for the "photo suit"):  He was a sumo wrestler.

Meems:  That's right.  And, I won a prize for being the Most Halloween-y!!!  (She giggled gleefully as only the Meems can.)

Me:  Most Halloween-y?!  Congratulations, Mom!!

Meems (more giggling):  A couple of people told me in the hall that I looked really cute!

Me:  Well, you DID look cute!

Meems:  I have to go!  I'm going to Tai Chi!


And now....

I present to you...

Raider Ranch's Miss Most Halloween-y!

My costume?  I was sporting an orange and black pashmina.

Let me tell you...that Raider Ranch knows how to put on a Halloween par-tay!

The Witch's Brew punch was located conveniently next to the fire alarm.

The Worms and Dirt pudding was especially wormy and dirty.
The obligatory bloody cake was insightfully topped with a plastic arachnid.

But, the best part of all?

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

The bewitching photo wall!

Mom and Leonard, her best friend
Sorry they're not smiling.
It took us forever to get their faces lined up with the holes.
"I need to bend down?"
"Where do I put my face?"
"Now what do I do?"
On the way to church this morning, Mom asked Leonard if they gave away a Best Witch prize at the party.  

Leonard:  Yes, they did, indeed.

Meems:  Oh.  I guess that means I came in 4th Place.

Poor Meems.  At least she'll always have "looked cute in the hall."

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